1. Rng 1.0 in unstable

    I've finished the porting of rng from qt3 to qt4 and uploaded it to unstable. It has some minor regressions compared to the qt3 version, like the localization of the qt4 widgets which isn't working yet and that the column which sorts the table isn't saved and restored properly on …

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  2. Porting rng to QT4

    Today I was busy porting reportbug-ng to QT4. One really cool thing I noticed is the new QWebView widget, which is the main widget of the QWebKit module. It works surprisingly easy compared to the good old QTextBrowser of QT3 -- now you can just throw an URL at it and …

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  3. Segfaults Everywhere

    Dear Lazyweb,

    A few weeks ago rng started to show some segfaulty behavior. I've absolutely no idea what's going on, since Python code usually doesn't segfault. I guess the problem lies in the qt3-bindings rng uses -- does someone know how to verify this?

    There is a backtrace which seems to …

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  4. Lenny won't ship rng

    Philipp thinks, the fact that rng is not using the information in /usr/share/bug renders rng "unfit for release" and upgraded the corresponding bugreport from wishlist to serious. Moreover: since I dared to downgrade the report back to wishlist he decided to remove rng from testing and block it …

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