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  1. Using rng for bug triaging

    Reportbug-NG's ability to filter and sort bugreports in various ways can greatly help triaging bugreports after a certain criterion.

    In this example I use the bugs of the KDE team, because they have quite a lot of bugs and are currently on a bug triage.

    Two releases ago I tried …

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  2. Reportbug finally has a GUI!

    It's good to see that reportbug 4 finally has a graphical user interface -- it's GTK, but nobody's perfect :)

    Anyways, I'm really glad to see reportbug aiming to improve it's usability.

    Reportbug finally shows all the bugreports for a package in a list which is easily filterable. So when you're confronted …

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  3. Tags

    Version 1.2 of reportbug-ng now shows the tags of a bug if available. This was long overdue. Now you can for example, quickly search your bugs for the ones with the moreinfo-tag set and sort the resulting list by the date of the last action. This should give you …

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  4. Gettext and QT4?

    Dear Lazyweb,

    do you know how to translate QT4 applications with gettext? Looks like QT4 now uses it's own mechanism (lupdate -> .ts -> linguist -> .ts -> lrelease -> .qm) for translating strings, which makes things a bit complicated if the rest of your application (the non GUI part) still uses gettext.

    The background …

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  5. Rng 1.0 in unstable

    I've finished the porting of rng from qt3 to qt4 and uploaded it to unstable. It has some minor regressions compared to the qt3 version, like the localization of the qt4 widgets which isn't working yet and that the column which sorts the table isn't saved and restored properly on …

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  6. Porting rng to QT4

    Today I was busy porting reportbug-ng to QT4. One really cool thing I noticed is the new QWebView widget, which is the main widget of the QWebKit module. It works surprisingly easy compared to the good old QTextBrowser of QT3 -- now you can just throw an URL at it and …

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  7. Segfaults Everywhere

    Dear Lazyweb,

    A few weeks ago rng started to show some segfaulty behavior. I've absolutely no idea what's going on, since Python code usually doesn't segfault. I guess the problem lies in the qt3-bindings rng uses -- does someone know how to verify this?

    There is a backtrace which seems to …

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  8. Reportbug-NG finally in testing!

    Waiting ten days for rng to slip into testing, I had enough time to stuff the next version with new features and small bugfixes. The most interesting ones are:

    • Added SOAP support and enabled it by default. Feel free to mess around with the look and feel of our BTS …
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  9. What does it take to break rng?

    Actually just a small change in the html code of our BTS. The problem was easy to fix and the new version is already uploaded, but this shows again how fragile the connection between BTS' html output and rng is. I've heard other tools where affected too -- just one reason …

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  10. New queries for reportbug-ng

    Instead of the boring "package" queries, rng used to support 'till now, rng now supports all the queries our BTS supports:

    Returns all the bugs belonging to the PACKAGE
    Returns the bug with BUGNUMBER and loads it into the built in browser immediately
    Returns all …
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  11. Reportbug-NG migrated from SVN to BZR

    The migration was rather easy

    sudo aptitude install bzr-svn
    # patch (see below)
    bzr branch svn://svn.debian.org/reportbug-ng    # That's right I branch directly from a SVN repo!
    # ignore the error
    bzr push --use-existing-dir sftp://venthur@bzr.debian.org/bzr/reportbug-ng

    To get your own branch:

    bzr branch http …
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  12. Dear Lazyweb,

    Icedove, Iceape, Evolution, Sylpheed, Sylpheed-Claws and Mutt.

    Is your favorite mail client missing? Does your mail client accept URLs in mailto-format? If yes, please drop me a note containing the name of your mail client, if it needs a terminal (like mutt) and an example call which starts the client …

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  13. Reportbug-NG at Alioth

    Yesterday I mentioned a small project of mine called reportbug-ng. The feedback so far was very positive. Looks like quite a few people out there would like to see a desktop version of reportbug.

    Since I've already received a few patches via email, I decided to move the project to …

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  14. A Screencast is Worth a Thousand Pictures

    It's still in a very early stage (I've started coding it yesterday), but it's basic functionality is already there: You can query the BTS, filter the list of bugreports in realtime by typing something and view the full bugreports in HTML. You can even provide additional information for existing bugs …

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