1. Canon IXUS 130

    Dear Lazyweb,

    Today I bought me a Canon IXUS 130 and was quite disappointed to see that it couldn't properly connect to my Debian/Sid machine via USB. Apparenty the camera is not recognized as a USB Mass Storage Device but utilizes PTP. I upgraded to libgphoto2 (2.4.10 …

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  2. Introducing python-popcon

    Python-popcon is a small Python library which allows to query Debian's popcon database. The usage is very trivial:

    >>> import popcon

    >>> popcon.package('python-popcon')

    >>> popcon.package('icedove', 'iceweasel')

    >>> popcon.package('foobarbaz')

    You can call the package method with an arbitrary number of package names and it will return a dictionary with …

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  3. Goodbye DebConf10

    DebConf was really an awesome conference. I'm happy that I have finally met so many of the fellow Debian people I only knew from the mailing lists or planet. There where lot's of interesting talks, the hacklabs where always busy, and the overall atmosphere was very good. Now that I'm …

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  4. I may go to Debconf 10

    Today I received a mail from the DebConf Travel Sponsorship Team and they informed me that I may get partially (or fully) sponsored. Ok that's a bit vague for now, but that also means that I may come to Debconf 10 -- yeah!

    I also applied for this Debconf Newbies thingy …

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