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  1. .inputrc

    A few days ago I found this blog explaining how to improve the tab completion by tinkering with your .inputrc.

    The magic lines are:
    set show-all-if-ambiguous on set completion-ignore-case on set completion-map-case on

    Last two lines make tab-completion ignore case, hyphens, underscores, the first one spares you one tab when …

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  2. KDE4's annoying taskbar

    Dear Lazyweb,

    since KDE4 is in unstable, the taskbar behaves very annoyingly when working with two monitors with different resolutions. I have a laptop. When I'm at work, I put it into a docking station which is connected to a huge monitor. I'm not working with dualhead or something, I'm …

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  3. Not coming to DebConf

    Unfortunately Debian cannot sponsor my trip to Banja Luka this year and it's too expensive to pay it from my own budget. Thus I just cancelled my attendance for the conference. I'm very sad, since my first DebConf last year in NY was a lot of fun and I was …

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  4. Dear Lazyweb

    After todays or yesterdays daily package update (Sid) several kernel modules, namely thinkpad_acpi, snd-hda-intel and probably others are not loaded automatically anymore. So my Thinkpad T500 had no support for audio and several power management functions anymore. Once I found out that the missing kernel modules where the problem, the …

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  5. Squeeze

    Tonight Squeeze was released! Along with the release came a redesign of our website and planet. Nice! I'm particularly happy that we'll see lots of fresh software and updates in unstable again, now that it is not frozen anymore.

    Thanks to all contributors. Keep up the good work!

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  6. Canon IXUS 130

    Dear Lazyweb,

    Today I bought me a Canon IXUS 130 and was quite disappointed to see that it couldn't properly connect to my Debian/Sid machine via USB. Apparenty the camera is not recognized as a USB Mass Storage Device but utilizes PTP. I upgraded to libgphoto2 (2.4.10 …

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  7. Introducing python-popcon

    Python-popcon is a small Python library which allows to query Debian's popcon database. The usage is very trivial:

    >>> import popcon

    >>> popcon.package('python-popcon')

    >>> popcon.package('icedove', 'iceweasel')

    >>> popcon.package('foobarbaz')

    You can call the package method with an arbitrary number of package names and it will return a dictionary with …

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  8. Goodbye DebConf10

    DebConf was really an awesome conference. I'm happy that I have finally met so many of the fellow Debian people I only knew from the mailing lists or planet. There where lot's of interesting talks, the hacklabs where always busy, and the overall atmosphere was very good. Now that I'm …

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  9. I may go to Debconf 10

    Today I received a mail from the DebConf Travel Sponsorship Team and they informed me that I may get partially (or fully) sponsored. Ok that's a bit vague for now, but that also means that I may come to Debconf 10 -- yeah!

    I also applied for this Debconf Newbies thingy …

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  10. apt-get update slow when LANG != C?

    For a few weeks now, aptitude is really slow updating the package list -- downloading the lists is actually fast as normal but it always waits for a minute or so with a 99% [Warten auf Kopfzeilen] (Waiting for headers) message. I tried apt-get update -- same problem.

    Now the funny thing …

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  11. Debconf 11 in Berlin?

    This is just a quick note for everyone who is interested: Yesterday we had a small meeting discussing the plan to bring Debconf 11 to Berlin, Germany. There will be an official meeting regarding this topic at this year's LinuxTag. The meeting will probably take place on Friday the 26th …

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  12. LinuxTag 2009

    Nion just reminded me of this year's LinuxTag. Although I certainly won't have the time to help at the booth every day as in the last years, I hope I can manage to work there at least for one or two days.

    If you want to help at our booth …

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  13. Using rng for bug triaging

    Reportbug-NG's ability to filter and sort bugreports in various ways can greatly help triaging bugreports after a certain criterion.

    In this example I use the bugs of the KDE team, because they have quite a lot of bugs and are currently on a bug triage.

    Two releases ago I tried …

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  14. Reportbug finally has a GUI!

    It's good to see that reportbug 4 finally has a graphical user interface -- it's GTK, but nobody's perfect :)

    Anyways, I'm really glad to see reportbug aiming to improve it's usability.

    Reportbug finally shows all the bugreports for a package in a list which is easily filterable. So when you're confronted …

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  15. git-svn branch

    Dear Lazyweb,

    how do I push a local git branch to a new svn branch? The other way round is quite easy and well documented but I didn't find a single document describing what I want to do.

    I'm working with an svn repository with standard layout. I use git-svn …

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  16. Lenny

    Today Lenny was finally released. According to this page with roughly 120 open release critical bugs. That's quite a big number according to our standards, but still a good and necessary compromise. Thanks for everyone involved, good work everyone!

    I'm very happy that the release didn't take quite as long …

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  17. Nice(r) console fonts

    Ever wanted to get a nicer console font than the default one delivered with Debian?

    First you need to get a nice font. I chose console-terminus:

    \$ sudo aptitude install console-terminus

    that alone won't change anything but install a whole bunch of new fonts into /usr/share/consolefonts/. To enable one …

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  18. How many bugs have you fixed today?

    That is the sledgehammer argument people bring up when others dare to criticize the current release process.

    I think this question is nonsense. While the bug-fix rate was more or less the same since the last two releases, it looks like in this release we simply started the freeze with …

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  19. Lenny Release General Resolution

    I agree, this vote is one of the worst formulated I can remember. I think votes should be as easy as possible to understand, so that the voter is absolutely clear about what he's going to vote. The current vote is the perfect example how not to design such a …

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  20. Lenovo T500 (shiny new laptop)

    Yesterday I exchanged my "old" Thinkpad T60 with a shiny new T500. This time I ordered a Thinkpad with integrated Intel graphics since it's supposed to be way better supported than the graphic chips from ATI or NVIDIA under Linux. And of course it is supposed to be much more …

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  21. rm -rf /

    ... does not work. At least not today on a Debian/Sid system. Looks like there are some things, not even root is allowed to do:

    root@sid:~# rm -rf / rm: cannot remove root directory ‘/'

    If you're curious what happens when you wipe your disk on a running system:

    root@sid …

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  22. Maximize vs Maximize to Preferred Size

    In times where screen resolutions of 1600x... and above are becoming more and more common, I wonder if the maximize window button which enlarges a window to take all the available space on the desktop is still as useful as it used to be.

    I noticed that some (if not …

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  23. Tab Completion in Python's Interactive Mode

    While browsing the python docs, I accidentally stumbled upon this today. It describes how to get Tab completion in Python's interactive shell:

    1. Create a ~/.pythonrc file with the following content:

          import readline
      except ImportError:
          print "Module readline not available."
          import rlcompleter
          readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")
    2. Put this somewhere …

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  24. Good Python IDE

    Philipp asked for a good Python IDE. I'd recommend Pydev, which is a plugin for Eclipse and works really well. I use it exclusively when coding in Python, and I'm very happy with it.

    Unfortunately the eclipse version in unstable is not the current one, so you can't use the …

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  25. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Since it's already that time of the year again, merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're able to spend the holidays with the ones you love and enjoy a merry, merry Christmas! Have fun everyone!

    BTW: Am I the only one who really hates this freakin' "Last Christmas"-song by WHAM …

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  26. Time-lapse-video-with-your-webcam mini HOWTO

    I bought me a cheapo webcam the other day and the first thing (meh... actually the second. The first thing I had to do was obviously getting this little piece of plastic working...) I wanted to do was making a time-lapse video of me working on my diploma thesis or …

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  27. (Almost) Back

    Due some drastic changes in my personal life, I wasn't very active in the last two months. Now things are getting normal again, and I'm looking forward working on rng and my other packages again.

    Sorry for all the unanswered mails, I'll need some time to clear the backlog.

    I'm …

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  28. My top 5 Firefox/Thunderbird annoyances

    Firefox is constantly gaining marked share (especially here in Europe) and it's little not-yet-so-popular brother Thunderbird is evolving too. While I'm happy that they're contributing their part to bring Free Software to the masses, I'm concerned that the quality of their software (especially Firefox under Linux) has decreased in the …

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  29. 1 Kilobyte = 1000 ± 24 bytes

    Could you exactly say how big your hard disk has to be at least when the vendor claims it's 500 Gigabytes big? Do you know how many bytes a file has when the filemanager says 2 Megabytes? Do you know what your DSL-provider actually means with 2 Megabit per second …

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  30. LinuxTag

    My first day at LinuxTag is over. I'm a bit tired, but the day was nice. We had many visitors at our booth and some nice conversations. We sold a few t-shirts and gave a way a lot of Debian DVDs. Unfortunately there was also a high demand on Live …

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  31. Using zeroconf to resolve local hostnames

    If you bought one of those cheap WLAN-routers which provides a DHCP server but no DNS (why again?), you probably miss the feature to access your hosts in the LAN by their name, right?

    If you're running a fairly recent Linux distribution (yes, Etch works too), just try to ping …

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  32. 4GB RAM on a T60?

    Dear Lazyweb,

    at work we have bought some of those shiny new ThinkPad T60s with 64Bit. Some of them have 4GB RAM installed, but unfortunately those with 4GB only seem to have 3GB available under Debian/Etch/AMD64.

    Since those laptops are running on AMD64 kernels, they should work with …

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  33. Dear SoC enthusiasts,

    please stop writing mails asking me whether I'd like to mentor your yet-another-reportbug-alternative project.

    It's not that I'm opposed to the idea of rewriting reportbug(-ng) for gtk or as a webapp -- really. I just don't see why your project needs to be part of SoC.

    I know working for …

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  34. Pimp My Boot Process (III)

    Short version:
    $ sudo aptitude install desktop-base splashy splashy-themes $ sudo splashy_config --set-theme debian-moreblue $ sudo vim /boot/grub/menu.lst

    timeout 3
    # defoptions=quiet splash

    $ sudo update-grub

    Long version:

    A few weeks ago I tried to improve the visual appearance of my boot process using usplash and a matching grub splash …

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  35. RC Bug Triage

    In the last three days I made 15 NMUs, fixing 11 RC- and 4 l10n-bugs.

    I noticed that some maintainers were not aware that one of their packages had an open RC bug from the mails I received afterwards. So please double check your QA package for open RC bugs …

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  36. Random Firefox Tweaks

    The following options have to be changed or added in about:config. Those tweaks can of course be achieved through extensions, but by setting them directly you can abandon some extensions and hopefully conserve some memory.

    In order to open a bookmark-folder with mid-click in tabs without overwriting the current …

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  37. Pimp My Boot Process

    I've tested Ubuntu the other day and I must say I was really impressed how polished the boot process looked. Ubuntu uses the same image as grub splash and as usplash image. This has the nice effect that there is no visible switch between grub and usplash. I don't remember …

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