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  1. Reportbug-ng can now hide closed bugs

    Today I finally found the reason why the table in reportbug-ng was not always sorted correctly. The fix was trivial and I'm happy it's finally corrected. As announced last week, reportbug-ng now also can optionally hide closed bugs, which makes reportbug-ng together with the complex queries a great tool for finding easy NMU candidates.

    To play around with those new features, I also did 5 lazy NMUs today. Most of them where fixes for FTBFS/RC bugs which had already a patch in the BTS.

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  2. The sorry state of Python in Debian

    Looking at the sorry state of Python in Debian, makes me wonder if we shouldn't enforce team maintainance of packages above a certain popularity/importance/whatever threshold. People worked hard in the last months to fix any bugs that would prevent Python2.6 to land in unstable and yet nothing happens. Time passes by and we will eventually end up with Squeeze having a horribly outdated Python version.

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