1. Porting rng to QT4

    Today I was busy porting reportbug-ng to QT4. One really cool thing I noticed is the new QWebView widget, which is the main widget of the QWebKit module. It works surprisingly easy compared to the good old QTextBrowser of QT3 -- now you can just throw an URL at it and it will render the page nicely complete with CSS, images, etc.

    Here's the obligatory screenshot:


    as you can see, the bugreport looks much better than in the old version of rng. WebKit does a really good job rendering the HTML, I think the fonts look even smoother than under firefox.

    To ease the transition to from QT3 to QT4 I've extracted all the Debian BTS specific stuff to python-debianbts and uploaded it to unstable. Rng uses it to query our Bug Tracking System ...

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  2. Segfaults Everywhere

    Dear Lazyweb,

    A few weeks ago rng started to show some segfaulty behavior. I've absolutely no idea what's going on, since Python code usually doesn't segfault. I guess the problem lies in the qt3-bindings rng uses -- does someone know how to verify this?

    There is a backtrace which seems to show that the problem lies somewhere in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/qt.so but I'm not entirely sure how to interpret that.

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  3. Lenny won't ship rng

    Philipp thinks, the fact that rng is not using the information in /usr/share/bug renders rng "unfit for release" and upgraded the corresponding bugreport from wishlist to serious. Moreover: since I dared to downgrade the report back to wishlist he decided to remove rng from testing and block it until the bug is fixed.

    I don't want to heat the debate about this bug again, but Philipp's decision seems arbitrary for me and I wonder if the same standard is applied to every other Debian package. I mean, rng has no release critical defects. It just does not use the aforementioned scripts as additional information in bugreports -- does this really render the software "unfit for release"? For example: In Etch we shipped a famous email client with a known bug which lead reproducibly to loss of emails on IMAP accounts, just because removing the program, or one ...

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  4. On #422085 and #417256

    Since I received a terrifying amount of insults via mail for not implementing this feature request after my last blog entry, where I asked for help developing rng, I'd like to make my position about this issue clear.

    Why I was opposed to implement it:

    1. I personally hated that some packages sent a huge amount of unrelated info with every bugreport for this package, even if it's not meaningful for this bugreport. I made a quick check against my favorite package with a very long output and thought (and still think) that this info is not even relevant for the majority of bugreports of this package. So I thought it was not too much to ask, to write the reporter a friendly mail to post the output of this script, if it's really needed.
    2. I was personally very annoyed by packages with very long presubj text, which ...
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  5. Want to get money for nothing and chicks for free, too?

    Is anyone out there interested in helping me developing reportbug-ng? I'm currently very busy with my diploma thesis and can't spend as much time on my pet bug reporting tool as I'd like to spend. The package itself has some small bugs, is not yet feature complete, but in a fairly good shape and quite popular too.

    If you're interested you should have experience with python, QT and maybe some SOAP-skills. You don't have to be a Debian Developer or -Maintainer!

    I haven't done this before so I don't know that the best practice for such a situation is. I'm currently thinking of something like:

    1. First you send me patches, which I'll review, apply and upload
    2. After a while you get write access to the BZR repo
    3. Finally become co-maintainer of the package if you want

    Interested? Then write me a ...

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  6. Deserializing SOAP replies with ZSI?

    Dear Lazyweb,

    what is the most elegant way to read a SOAP reply containing a complex type into an object using ZSI? I've read the documentation several times and I guess there is an elegant way to solve this, but I still don't get it.

    I guess it should work like this:

    • Define a class Bugreport
    • Define Bugreport's typecode
    • Parse (how?) the SOAP reply containing bugreport-data into a Bugreport object

    What I'm currently doing with soappy in rng is rather crude: I take the SOAP response which is a dictionary holding many interesting facts about a bug report, take those elements I'm interested in and copy them into a bug report object. Not very elegant, but it works.

    While I'm moving away from soappy to ZSI I'd like to implement the deserializion the ZSI way. Unfortunately I don't understand their examples. So ...

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  7. Rng and others temporary broken

    Just a short note to let you know that due a change in debbugs' SOAP interface several applications including apt-listbugs and rng are temporary broken. The change was not too dramatic and I suppose the problem will be fixed shortly. Meanwhile you can use reportbug which is not affected, since it still uses the HTML interface.

    Update: Don fixed the problem and everything should be working as usual again.

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  8. Implement two features and get the third for free!

    Today I've implemented a feature which was long overdue: making the table sortable by the available table headers. The second feature I've added is that every bug report now has it's "Last Action" date. While both features are useful for themselves, combining both result in a very handy bug triaging tool.


    A few months ago when I was trying to help the KDE team on their bug triage, I've missed the feature to sort bugs by their date of the last action in our BTS since I've noticed that many of the very old bugs (last action-, not bug number wise) where already fixed or could be closed for other obvious reasons. The problem was just to find all those "stale bugs". I was able to close dozens of old bug reports but it took much more time to find them, than to decide whether ...

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  9. Improved filtering for rng

    I've just uploaded a new version of reportbug-ng including an Italian and a Hebrew pony and a cool enhancement to the buglist filter: Now the filter doesn't try to match the whole string anymore but splits the input by whitespaces and tries to match all words. Now you can even exclude words by prepending a leading minus to it.

    The Syntax for the filter is: [-]keyword [[-]keyword2] ...

    Multiple keywords are separated by whitespaces and can have a leading minus. A leading minus means "exclude" the whitespaces represent the logical AND.

    Some Examples:

    • foo bar -baz means all bugs containing the words foo, bar and not baz
    • outstanding -wishlist means all bugs which are outstanding and not wishlist
    • -resolved will show all open bugs

    Please note the the filter does look into the actual bugreports (the fulltext), it currently tries to match against the packagename, the bugnumber, the summary ...

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