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  1. Goodbye DebConf10

    DebConf was really an awesome conference. I'm happy that I have finally met so many of the fellow Debian people I only knew from the mailing lists or planet. There where lot's of interesting talks, the hacklabs where always busy, and the overall atmosphere was very good. Now that I'm back in Berlin, I'm already missing it -- I'm by the way also missing my luggage which is apparently still at the JFK airport.

    This was my first DebConf, but definitively not my last. I encourage people who never made it to DebConf: Get your butt up and register for the next conference! You don't know what you're missing. If money is an issue: there is a sponsoring which you can apply for and chances are good that you'll get at least partially sponsored.

    Big thanks to all the volunteers who helped to ...

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  2. Debconf: Day 2

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    Second day in the big city and after the obligatory pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast, I spend almost the entire day in the hacklab fixing the documentation for the debbugs SOAP interface. Thanks to Don I think I finally have the get_status part at an accurate state. Accordingly I was very busy making changes in python-debianbts which uses the SOAP interface to query the BTS. Some Bugreport attributes disappeared, others got their data type fixed, Unittests where added and docstrings updated. Finally I uploaded the new version to unstable.

    Between that mess I met a lot of nice people, and heard a talk whose slides consisted almost entirely of lolcat images -- which was of course awesome! I definitively have to try that in one of my next scientific talks.

    Hopefully tomorrow I'll find some time to actually prepare my talk.

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  3. linen and towels

    Dear lazyweb or someone who is already in NY,

    do I have to bring my own bed linen and towels or are they provided by Furnald? I couldn't find the information on the website. I guess I have to bring that stuff since it is not really a hotel, right?

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  4. I may go to Debconf 10

    Today I received a mail from the DebConf Travel Sponsorship Team and they informed me that I may get partially (or fully) sponsored. Ok that's a bit vague for now, but that also means that I may come to Debconf 10 -- yeah!

    I also applied for this Debconf Newbies thingy, as this will be the first DebConf for me, but unfortunately there where too many applicants and not enough money and they had to decline my request.

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  5. Debconf 11 in Berlin?

    This is just a quick note for everyone who is interested: Yesterday we had a small meeting discussing the plan to bring Debconf 11 to Berlin, Germany. There will be an official meeting regarding this topic at this year's LinuxTag. The meeting will probably take place on Friday the 26th of June at a conference room. Everyone is invited to join the discussion.

    PS: I also have a shiny new key, the fingerprint is 8795 AF2E 4A1A 4EFB A068 A449 8E88 9544 D985 000D. The old key will be revoked in a couple of months.

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