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Debconf 11 in Berlin?

This is just a quick note for everyone who is interested: Yesterday we had a small meeting discussing the plan to bring Debconf 11 to Berlin, Germany. There will be an official meeting regarding this topic at this year’s LinuxTag. The meeting will probably take place on Friday the 26th of June at a conference room. Everyone is invited to join the discussion.

PS: I also have a shiny new key, the fingerprint is 8795 AF2E 4A1A 4EFB A068 A449 8E88 9544 D985 000D. The old key will be revoked in a couple of months.

LinuxTag 2009

Nion just reminded me of this year’s LinuxTag. Although I certainly won’t have the time to help at the booth every day as in the last years, I hope I can manage to work there at least for one or two days.

If you want to help at our booth (you don’t have to be a Debian Developer), join us! It’s fun and a great way to get in touch with other like minded people and your help is really appreciated.

Linuxtag 2008

Linuxtag 2008 is over. Like last year’s Linuxtag, it was a very nice event. We had a lot of visitors, answered a lot more questions and sold many t-shirts, posters and stickers at our eee-pc *cough* Debian booth. It was also very nice to meet some other people from Debian — one of the rare moments in life where I can feel really young again… sorry guys :P

Of course there were many interesting talks and booths from other projects at this year’s Linuxtag. After Nico’s and my yearly Linuxtag raid, I had like a dozen different ball pens, a t-shirt, a handful of cookies, and many many gummy bears.

Unlike last year, this year we had no Debian Day — but guess who showed up at our booth yesterday:

Ian Murdock and Bastian Venthur at Linuxtag 2008

that’s right, Ian Murdock himself! I was so nervous to meet him, that I almost forgot to ask for a picture.

Apropos showing up at our booth: although we where fairly good manned at our booth, we felt that a few more helpers wouldn’t have hurt. We (the staff from this year’s Debian booth) just want to say, that you don’t have to be a Debian Developer / Maintainer or whatever to help at our booth. If you’re an enthusiastic Debian user and can spare some time, you’re very welcome. The tickets for the staff are usually free, so don’t hesitate to ask if you can help next year!


My first day at LinuxTag is over. I’m a bit tired, but the day was nice. We had many visitors at our booth and some nice conversations. We sold a few t-shirts and gave a way a lot of Debian DVDs. Unfortunately there was also a high demand on Live CDs which we couldn’t fulfill since we still don’t have official Live images.

Last but not least, it was very nice to meet some other Debian Developers. Unfortunately I can’t attend at our booth tomorrow, but I’m already looking forward to Friday (Debian Day!).

Last chance for LinuxTag 2007

Alexander Wirt posted the following request on -events-eu. Since I fear it won’t get the attention it deserves, I’m quoting his request here again.


unfortunatly there weren’t enough talks submitted for the Debian Day that I have to cancel it until there won’t be some new submissions in the next few hours.
So if you want to have a debian day, please submit a talk via the VCC (https://www.linuxtag.org/vcc/). Otherwise it will be canceled.


Update: Mission accomplished. Looks like a few talks were submitted just in time to save the (Debian) day.