No sound with Gnome 3 and pulseaudio?

Dear Lazyweb,

I recently switched from KDE to Gnome 3 and I am so far very happy with the decision. One thing that bothers me since then is that the sound does not work when restarting the computer or waking it up from suspend. After a while I figured that a simple sudo killall pulseaudio fixes the problem — but only until the next reboot. Has anyone a hint what the problem could be/ I found quite a few similar problem descriptions on the internet but with no satisfying solutions so far.

9 thoughts on “No sound with Gnome 3 and pulseaudio?

  1. Andrew

    I have the same problem. For me rm -R ~/.pulse ~/.pulse-cookie also fixes it for that session. I wish I knew the cause and how to fix it permanently though.

  2. b

    I had this problem too. I was looking for 4 days for a solution. Tried many things. Did not find any. I reinstalled the system. Sound was there then.

  3. mschnide

    I had similar problem with speech. A second user (speech-user: 110) blocked the output (pulse ist user based)

  4. Jan Hudec

    I had the same problem. I fixed it by removing pulseaudio as I figured it does not have any advantage over going directly to Alsa for me (Alsa mixes multiple streams for me just fine). The problem seemed to be related to pulseaudio starting too early during boot as some bogus user.

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