KDE4′s annoying taskbar

Dear Lazyweb,

since KDE4 is in unstable, the taskbar behaves very annoyingly when working with two monitors with different resolutions. I have a laptop. When I’m at work, I put it into a docking station which is connected to a huge monitor. I’m not working with dualhead or something, I’m just using the huge monitor at work and the laptop’s screen at home.

I always want the taskbar to be maximized. The problem is, that KDE’s taskbar fails to adjust the size of the taskbar correctly: Starting KDE at work, the taskbar is always too small (as wide as the laptop’s monitor) and my first task is to maximize the taskbar. Starting KDE when I’m back home, the taskbar is too wide (as wide as the external monitor’s size) for the smaller monitor and I have to (ironically) maximize it again to fit on the now smaller monitor.

Note that I’m not using suspend or something. I’m booting the laptop with the big screen connected or not.

I also had that problem with KDE3, but that was fixed upstream long time ago. Has anyone a solution how to avoid this problem?

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  1. Richard Hartmann

    Same here.

    Even more fun is that it’s not possible to span the task widget across two screens.

    If anyone has a solution, please do share it with us. I am subscribing to this thread.

  2. suy


    I don’t have your use case, so I don’t know if it’s going to work or not, but if I were in your position, I would try to use scripting to fix it. Plasma-desktop can be scripted, so maybe you can do the maximizing automatical on each login.

    I would also check on the bug tracking system, just in case there is a fix or a better workaround.

    Good luck.

  3. Pawel Stolowski

    I haven’t been using KDE for years (I quit with 4.0 release), but maybe you could create a simple shell script executed on KDE startup, that would query your displays with xrandr, and tell taskbar to resize using dcop?

  4. Sergey K.

    Same problem.
    For this reason I use vertical taskbar – it is not required to span two monitors.

  5. pugacioff

    try to not select the maximize option and just set “align left” and extend the panel using the resize cursors. it works for me at least.
    i had troubles because i needed to change resolution to plug a beamer, and the krandr icon fell off the screen… now it works quite fine.

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