Not coming to DebConf

Unfortunately Debian cannot sponsor my trip to Banja Luka this year and it’s too expensive to pay it from my own budget. Thus I just cancelled my attendance for the conference. I’m very sad, since my first DebConf last year in NY was a lot of fun and I was really looking forward to see you guys again this year.

I wish you a lot of fun anyways. Have a productive and fun conference!

2 thoughts on “Not coming to DebConf

  1. Philipp Kern

    By train isn’t that expensive. I was able to make it with under 200 Euros with the night trains and busses from Zagreb. Given that food is sponsored, it’s not entirely insane to pay that on your own neither. EuroNight from Munich is pretty cheap if you skip the comfortable beds. You need to get to Munich for that, though.

  2. Tom

    Just tell users what you do for debian and how your attendance will help and then ask for donations.

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