Monthly Archives: May 2010

I may go to Debconf 10

Today I received a mail from the DebConf Travel Sponsorship Team and they informed me that I may get partially (or fully) sponsored. Ok that’s a bit vague for now, but that also means that I may come to Debconf 10 — yeah!

I also applied for this Debconf Newbies thingy, as this will be the first DebConf for me, but unfortunately there where too many applicants and not enough money and they had to decline my request.

Github announces SVN support

This is freakin’ awesome! It is now possible to checkout from- and commit to git repositories on github with SVN.

This just made my day. This could also mean that this SVN support may later be added into official git (like the CVS emulation), allowing the early movers to use git also on the repository side while staying backwards compatible with the rest who is still using SVN on the client side. Currently it’s more the other way ’round, the wherever SVN is used, git users have to resort to git-svn.

Running Gnome Applets in KDE

Dear Lazyweb,

does anyone know how to run gnome applets in KDE? I’m talking about byzanz which is a software to record your desktop in an animated gif, ogg or Flash format. It provides a command line and a gnome applet, which apparently only works under Gnome. Is there a workaround to make gnome applets run under KDE as well?