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git-svn branch

Dear Lazyweb,

how do I push a local git branch to a new svn branch? The other way round is quite easy and well documented but I didn’t find a single document describing what I want to do.

I’m working with an svn repository with standard layout. I use git-svn to be able to use git locally. Until now I’ve always had my master branch reflect the svn’s trunk. For every new feature, I created a local git branch, merged with the master branch when I was done and dcommit’ed it to the svn’s trunk. But now I need to publish an experimental feature which should not yet go into the trunk so I have to publish my local git branch to an svn branch.

I tried git-svn branch foo in the local git branch and it created a svn branch/foo for me but not from the current git branch but from the current master (remote/trunk). That’s of course not what I wanted, I wanted to push the current branch where I’m in and have it linked to the remote svn branch.

Neither the manpage of git-svn nor some documentation in the web helped me. I even found a pretty detailed document which describes each and every aspect of git-svn but unfortunately not mine.

Is this use case so unusual that no one else uses git-svn this way or is it my weak git-FU?


Today Lenny was finally released. According to this page with roughly 120 open release critical bugs. That’s quite a big number according to our standards, but still a good and necessary compromise. Thanks for everyone involved, good work everyone!

I’m very happy that the release didn’t take quite as long as I predicted. Three or four more months of Sid being frozen would probably have meant more people playing with semi-supported mixtures of unstable and experimental packages and more migration towards other distributions with more current software packages. So I’m very happy to see over a hundred new packages uploaded to unstable already and roughly 700 new release critical bugs opened :)