Forcing win32-loader to use i386?

Dear Lazyweb,

I’m happily using the win32-loader from to install Debian/Etch on several Lenovo X61s subnotebooks which don’t have a DVD drive but a running XP preinstalled. The installer correctly detects a 64bit architecture and therefore installs AMD64. Unfortunately I want to run i386 on those machines. Is there a way to force a specific arch for the win32-loader?

Edit: Of course I already tried to install Debian from an USB stick on those machines, but the Debian installer refuses to work at the point where it’s unable to find the DVD/CD drive on the subnotebooks without one. I’ve tried netinst and businesscard, none of them worked from USB for me. Any hints?

3 thoughts on “Forcing win32-loader to use i386?

  1. Steve McIntyre

    The installer normally works fine for me from USB if you have followed the appropriate instructions and copied a CD ISO image on there too.

    Alternatively, I installed my own X60s using PXE – fast, easy and the way I’d recommend doing all laptop installations these days.

  2. Didier Raboud

    Years after… :-)

    That’s reasonably easy to add to win32-loader; please file a bug against src:win32-loader if you still see a need for it.

    Cheers, OdyX, win32-loader maintainer

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