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My first day at LinuxTag is over. I’m a bit tired, but the day was nice. We had many visitors at our booth and some nice conversations. We sold a few t-shirts and gave a way a lot of Debian DVDs. Unfortunately there was also a high demand on Live CDs which we couldn’t fulfill since we still don’t have official Live images.

Last but not least, it was very nice to meet some other Debian Developers. Unfortunately I can’t attend at our booth tomorrow, but I’m already looking forward to Friday (Debian Day!).

Please help to localize reportbug-ng

I’ve just uploaded a new version of reportbug-ng. The biggest change in this release is the new reportbug-ng.pot file which contains some work for our brave localization teams.

I’ve already translated rng into German, so rng is now available in German and English. If you want your mother language to appear in this list, please grab the .pot, translate it and file a l10n+patch bug against reportbug-ng with the translation attached.


Using zeroconf to resolve local hostnames

If you bought one of those cheap WLAN-routers which provides a DHCP server but no DNS (why again?), you probably miss the feature to access your hosts in the LAN by their name, right?

If you’re running a fairly recent Linux distribution (yes, Etch works too), just try to ping them with the .local DNS suffix, like phoibe.local or hades.local. If that doesn’t work, check if avahi-daemon is installed on the machines you want to resolve. If not (which is unlikely on recent desktop machines), just install it and your machine will be available via hostname.local.

I wasn’t aware that I would ever need this “zeroconf crap” until I replaced my rusty old Dell Optiplex GXa router with a less energy consuming and much more silent Linksys WRT54G. Unfortunately I bought Version 7 which only comes with 2MB flash and is therefore not supported by openwrt. So without my precious dnsmasq on my router, I was suddenly blind in my own LAN — and very thankful to find out that zeroconf already took care of my problem.

4GB RAM on a T60?

Dear Lazyweb,

at work we have bought some of those shiny new ThinkPad T60s with 64Bit. Some of them have 4GB RAM installed, but unfortunately those with 4GB only seem to have 3GB available under Debian/Etch/AMD64.

Since those laptops are running on AMD64 kernels, they should work with > 3GB RAM out of the box, right? Unfortunately they don’t and thinkwiki says:

Note: While you can install 4GB of memory, the chipset in the T60 supports a maximum of 3GB usable memory.

while the BIOS correctly shows the full amount of installed RAM!

So my question is: Has anyone out there a T60 running successfully with 4GB RAM or is it really a chipset constraint?

Last chance for LinuxTag 2007

Alexander Wirt posted the following request on -events-eu. Since I fear it won’t get the attention it deserves, I’m quoting his request here again.


unfortunatly there weren’t enough talks submitted for the Debian Day that I have to cancel it until there won’t be some new submissions in the next few hours.
So if you want to have a debian day, please submit a talk via the VCC ( Otherwise it will be canceled.


Update: Mission accomplished. Looks like a few talks were submitted just in time to save the (Debian) day.