1. KDE4's annoying taskbar

    Dear Lazyweb,

    since KDE4 is in unstable, the taskbar behaves very annoyingly when working with two monitors with different resolutions. I have a laptop. When I'm at work, I put it into a docking station which is connected to a huge monitor. I'm not working with dualhead or something, I'm just using the huge monitor at work and the laptop's screen at home.

    I always want the taskbar to be maximized. The problem is, that KDE's taskbar fails to adjust the size of the taskbar correctly: Starting KDE at work, the taskbar is always too small (as wide as the laptop's monitor) and my first task is to maximize the taskbar. Starting KDE when I'm back home, the taskbar is too wide (as wide as the external monitor's size) for the smaller monitor and I have to (ironically) maximize it again to ...

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  2. Not coming to DebConf

    Unfortunately Debian cannot sponsor my trip to Banja Luka this year and it's too expensive to pay it from my own budget. Thus I just cancelled my attendance for the conference. I'm very sad, since my first DebConf last year in NY was a lot of fun and I was really looking forward to see you guys again this year.

    I wish you a lot of fun anyways. Have a productive and fun conference!

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  3. Installing Dropbox in Debian/Sid

    A few months ago dropbox was a Debian packge in non-free. Recently I noticed that there are several new versions available and tried to notifiy the maintainer and ask him to update the package. But unfortunately it looks like the package is not available any more (Here's why).

    However getting Dropbox is quite easy if you know what to do.

    The obvious choice would be to go to dropbox.com and download either the source package and compile it yourself or try to install the precompiled Ubuntu packages. The first option is not really an option for most users and the second one does currently not work on Debian/Sid (aka unstable).

    However, there is an easy solution: on the download page search for the CLI script (currently it is named dropbox.py) Download that and run it with python dropbox.py start -i. That will download the propritary ...

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  4. Introducing python-ardrone

AR.Drone{.alignright .size-medium .wp-image-170 width="300" height="225"}

    The last weeks I spend quite a lot of time hacking on a Python library for the AR.Drone. The AR.Drone is a nice toy for nerds. You connect to it via WIFI and soon you'll realize that it has 4 ports open. Reading the specs you'll find, that on one port it listens for AT-Commands with which you can remote control the drone, on the other two ports it waits for an incoming package which will trigger the drone to send the navdata (speed, angles, battery status, etc) and the video stream. Heck, you can even telnet into the drone...

    Unfortunately it comes without a proper software to control the drone, only an iPhone app (w/o iPhone of course). But given ...

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  5. Dear Lazyweb

    After todays or yesterdays daily package update (Sid) several kernel modules, namely thinkpad_acpi, snd-hda-intel and probably others are not loaded automatically anymore. So my Thinkpad T500 had no support for audio and several power management functions anymore. Once I found out that the missing kernel modules where the problem, the fix was easy: just add the corresponding module names to /etc/modules to enforce loading of the modules. But I wonder what caused the sudden change? Why are the modules not loaded automatically anymore? I usually update my Sid packages every morning so some package update from yesterday or today might have caused this. Looking at the packages which where updated, I found nothing suspicious. Has anyone an idea at which package I should look?

    Update: Looks like the problem was related to the recent update of base-files to version 6.2 which introduced the new /run directory in combination ...

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  6. Summer School: Advanced Scientific Programming in Python

    Once again, there will be another round of the Summer School "Advanced Scientific Programming in Python". This year in St. Andrews, UK.

    Quoting from the official announcement:

    Scientists spend more and more time writing, maintaining, and debugging software. While techniques for doing this efficiently have evolved, only few scientists actually use them. As a result, instead of doing their research, they spend far too much time writing deficient code and reinventing the wheel. In this course we will present a selection of advanced programming techniques, incorporating theoretical lectures and practical exercises tailored to the needs of a programming scientist. New skills will be tested in a real programming project: we will team up to develop an entertaining scientific computer game.

    We use the Python programming language for the entire course. Python works as a simple programming language for beginners, but more importantly, it also works great in scientific simulations and ...

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  7. Squeeze

    Tonight Squeeze was released! Along with the release came a redesign of our website and planet. Nice! I'm particularly happy that we'll see lots of fresh software and updates in unstable again, now that it is not frozen anymore.

    Thanks to all contributors. Keep up the good work!

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  8. Canon IXUS 130

    Dear Lazyweb,

    Today I bought me a Canon IXUS 130 and was quite disappointed to see that it couldn't properly connect to my Debian/Sid machine via USB. Apparenty the camera is not recognized as a USB Mass Storage Device but utilizes PTP. I upgraded to libgphoto2 ( from experimental and added a proper udev rule with vendor- and product-id but it did not help. Is there anything more I can try?

    Update: Accessing the camera actually works, even with ligbphoto2 (2.4.6) from unstable. I can access the camera with gphoto2 and download pictures (but not with KDE's filemanager). My problem was that I had rhythmbox running and the camera was automatically mounted by it as a media device. When KDE's filemanager or gphoto2 tried to access the camera I got an error like: ('Could not lock the device'): Camera is already ...

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